• Accroche Toi Aux Branches
    Live the Ardèche
    Visiting this park is a must in Vallon Pont d'Arc!
    10 progressive courses
    More than 150 stations
    1600m of zip lines

High ropes tree course at Vallon Pont d'Arc!

Thrilling fun guaranteed for all the family!

Discover Accroche Toi Aux Branches!

Our 5-hectare natural park with trees higher than 20m is located in the heart of the Gorges de l’Ardèche, right by the river. It offers more than 150 stations to be discovered through 10 progressive courses, for thrill-seeking beginners to the more experienced adventurers, it’s adapted to all levels of difficulty and includes more than 1600m zip lines!

Accroche Toi Aux Branches Courses
Accroche Toi Aux Branches Stations
Accroche Toi Aux Branches Zip lines
  • Accroche Toi Aux Branches
  • Accroche Toi Aux Branches
New adventure!

The safety of the gear is 100% guaranteed!

The "Bornack" smart carabiner system fitted on each of the park’s courses is the only system offering a 100% safety guarantee, while still giving you a sensation of autonomous progress. Its simple and fun use allows the whole family to safely enjoy the facilities. You can’t be too careful, that’s why a continuous lifeline is in place for all children.

Security level:

No risk of falling!

Autonomy level:

Allows you to move freely!

Accroche Toi Aux Branches has been given approval number DDJS 00712ET0035 by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. This is a guarantee of its strict compliance with the safety standards imposed by authorities, and much more! All trees in our park are inspected annually by qualified experts, and all our equipment (ropes, harnesses, carabiners...) is inspected and tested each month by our teams!

From beginners to experienced adventurers!

Thanks to our 10 progressive courses with all levels of difficulty, everyone can find a suitable way to enjoy our park. Beginners will be able to get familiar with the thrills of heights and have a go at the zip line. Experienced adventurers will also find complete satisfaction with the Black course challenge, also known as "The Impassable".




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Accroche Toi Aux Branches
Accroche Toi Aux Branches

For the thrill seekers!

Epic 210m zip line!

Relax and enjoy as our epic zip line carries you over 210m! And the best part is, the zip line is included for free in your package!

For the dare devils!

Face the Base Jump!

A sudden urge to experience the sensation of free falling? Face the Base Jump! Dive into the void more than 12m high until your feet land safely on the ground!

Why choose Accroche Toi Aux Branches?

Your upcoming holidays in the Ardèche!

The Accroche Toi Aux Branches park is located in Vallon Pont d'Arc in the Ardèche, in an exceptional green setting, shaped, over time, by nature. Thanks to our unique location at the intersection of several major roads, we are only a 1h30 ride away from the Avignon TGV train station, 2 hours from Montpellier and Marseille-Marignane Airport. Wait no longer, come and live the Ardèche experience!

Centre Loisirs Ardèche!

A whole team here to help you!

Accroche Toi Aux Branches is part of the Centre Loisirs Ardèche of Vallon Pont d'Arc! A group of multiple sports and leisure activities to experience with your family or friends, with an easy and swift reservation system: canoe the Ardèche with Viking Bateaux or ALB Canoës, paintballing with Paintball Ardèche, outdoor laser gaming, or the Gopherland kid’s adventure playground...